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  • To lead, give value and help

Who should attend?

This session is open to all Councillors, Clerks and staff

Who is presenting?

TCM Group; resolution redefined: The TCM Group

TCM are experienced in all aspects of conflict management, collaborative business practices and leadership development. They promote constructive, collaborative and empowering approaches for managing conflict, people and organisations, including dialogue building, positive psychology and interest based problem solving are at the heart of their consultancy and training programmes. They deliver significant benefits for customers by removing the barriers to resolution and by creating happier, healthier and more harmonious workplaces.

Key Learning Objectives for the Sessions:

To foster self-awareness; recognise the role of perspective and the validity of feelings in the workplace

To explore behavioural blocks and barriers to successful working relationships

To develop and practice key skills for better interpersonal relationships

To foster greater respect, resilience and collaboration in the workplace


Identifying behavioural blocks and barriers and the reasons for these

Exploring the impact of behavioural challenges from self: organisational, customer and collegiate (colleague?) perspectives

Conflict management styles

Understanding the importance of empathy

Exploring behaviours, feelings and needs

Parent-child dynamics

Identifying what good looks like

The importance of effective planning

Approaches for structuring a challenging conversation

Principled negotiation

Exploring and practicing the toolkit of skills:
Active listening; Open questions; Open body language; Summarising; Reframing

Scenario based role play and skills practice

Action planning and next steps

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