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  • To lead, give value and help

Who should attend?
Councillors, Clerks, Ground staff and anyone with an interest in or responsibility for play­grounds and recreational facilities, village halls and other buildings, council offices, home working, community events, allotments, sports grounds, adult fitness trails or any area of health and safety.

Who is presenting?
Geraldine McFaul, Risk Consultant, Zurich Insurance
With a degree in Risk Management, Geraldine and has worked for over 22 with Local Authori­ties, Housing Associations, Education Authorities and Universities on all aspects of risk man­agement, health and safety. The Manager of the Local Council Advisory Service providing bespoke Risk Management and H&S assistance to Town and Parish Councils on all aspects of the risks associated with their activities including a dedicated helpline, two bulletins per year, a Risk Guide and annual seminar.

Is it for you?
A combined training session on both risk assessment and inspection systems (for play­grounds and/or other facilities):

¨ needs for risk assessment,
¨ the types of risks for local councils
¨ completion of RA using a generic template; keeping the RA "live" through monitoring and review etc.
¨ the inspection systems training develops from doing a risk assessment of the play­ground (or other facility); including the frequency of inspection required depending on the level of risk.
¨ the need for a written system
¨ the definition of defects,
¨ the training needs for inspectors,
¨ repairs procedures
¨ recording the inspection
¨ the use of the records in claims defence

A short practical survey of the local play area to show how the inspections information can be pulled together.

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