Hertfordshire Association of Parish and Town Councils

Hertfordshire Association of Parish and Town Councils

Carina Helmn

County Officer: Carina Helmn
Kimpton Memorial Hall, Hall
Lane, Kimpton, Hertfordshire

Tel: 07956 590094

Who should attend?

Anyone in your Council (Councillors or staff) wishing to develop their skills in public speaking and to deliver successful presentations more confidently.

The workshop training is delivered in a very relaxed, humorous and entertaining way.

Focussing on delivery, presence, preparation, posture, voice and confidence building you will learn the skills to face any presentation situation feeling fully equipped and unafraid.

Who is presenting?

Classical Mayhem; Tim Armstrong-Taylor and Roly Taylor both have years of experience of standing in front of large groups of people and delivering in a relaxed and entertaining style.



Your look, presence, sound and message

Your materials

Visual Aids

Physical and Digital Props/Assets

Your body

Be in control

Overcoming nerves


Eye contact

The Voice


Your audience

Handling questions and answers

Audience handouts

Getting Ready


Why rehearse? How to rehearse

Preparation before the day

Preparation on the day

Logistics, Warm-up, Psychology, Feel the fear