Hertfordshire Association of Parish and Town Councils

Hertfordshire Association of Parish and Town Councils

Carina Helmn

County Officer: Carina Helmn
Kimpton Memorial Hall, Hall
Lane, Kimpton, Hertfordshire

Tel: 07956 590094

Who should attend?
Councillors, Clerks and anyone with an interest or responsibility within your council for common land or village greens.

Who is presenting?
Kate Ashbrook & Nicola Hodgson from the Open Spaces Society

Is it for you?

1. What are commons and village greens, why they are important and relevant legisla­tion
An introduction to common land and village greens, with a brief history including the relevant legislation.

2. Easements over common land and village greens

3. Works on common land and exemptions: Commons Act 2006 part 3
The law for getting consent for works, exemptions, the process for exchange with case study. How to take action against unlawful works.

4. Management: good practice for developing ideas for the management of commons, livestock on commons
Based on A Common Purpose and Finding Common Ground

5. Practical solutions to problems on commons and greens
Eg car-parking, encroachment, access to private property, vegetation

6. New village greens: registering land as a new green
The law and process, including voluntary registration, the Defra review and the Local Green Space Designation in the National Planning Policy Framework

7. Registration: Commons Act 2006 part 1

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