Hertfordshire Association of Parish and Town Councils

Hertfordshire Association of Parish and Town Councils

Carina Helmn

County Officer: Carina Helmn
Kimpton Memorial Hall, Hall
Lane, Kimpton, Hertfordshire

Tel: 07956 590094

Hertfordshire Year of Physical Activity; December is Dance Month!!!

Hertfordshire Year of Physical Activity Theme for December: Herts Dances!! December Newsletter: https://bit.ly/2Ph4L5X

Follow on Twitter; different dance moves or performances each day! #DanceAdvent #HertsDances #HertsYOPA18

Get your club, group, organisation, friends, family, colleagues or anyone who is willing together to perform!!

Young Hertfordshire Songwriters have written a song. Film yourself dancing along and share on Facebook,Twitter or email hertsyopa18@herts.ac.uk

Listen to the track "Move Your Feet": https://songwriteronline.co.uk/?songid=2553 or watch the routine: https://www.facebook.com/HertsDances/

Posted: Tue, 04 Dec 2018 12:34 by Sue Campbell

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