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  • The HAPTC Chairman is Cllr Rob McCarthy from Aldbury Parish Council
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  • To lead, give value and help

Who should attend?
Councillors, Clerks, members of neighbourhood planning committees from your local community and anyone with an interest in neighbourhood planning

Who is presenting?
James Parker, CEO Bishop's Stortford Town Council

What is the format?
This 2-part package comprises 1) a 1/2-day training session followed by 2) an interactive workshop;
Part 1 of 2 (training session) 4 hours
Part 2 of 2 (interactive workshop; content will be led by the needs of attendees who are invited to submit concerns/questions/topics for discussion in advance). 2.5 hours
Bookings for the workshop will be accepted for delegates who did not attend the full training session.

What's in it?
It will provide expert advice and guidance on the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan and give you the essential tools, skills and information you need including:

Setting a Vision and Objectives
Creating a Neighbourhood Plan Team
The 'Basic Conditions' – limitations on your plan
Undertaking initial research & consultation
Developing and testing a vision and objectives for your plan

Developing the Policies
Building a robust evidence base
Developing, testing and prioritizing policy options, writing effective policies
Including site allocations.
Keeping the community on board

Successful Examination and Referendum
Preparing for and undertaking the Pre-Submission Consultation
Dealing with comments and refining your Plan.
Preparing your Consultation and Basic Conditions Statements
Independent Examination
The run up to a Referendum.

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