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  • To lead, give value and help

Who should attend?

  • Are you a new Chairman, Councillor or member of the Staffing Committee grappling with the impact of suddenly being an employer?

Then this is for you!

  • Are you established in one of these roles but wanting to refresh and update your knowledge?

Then this is for you too!

  • Are you responsible for day-to-day management of staff?

Then this is also for you!

Who is presenting?

Clive Payne, CP Associates

CP Associates helps employers handle the ever increasing demands and complexities of

recruiting, employing, managing and developing their most important resource—people

Discipline and Grievance Handling Skills

The training is designed to highlight good employer practice and techniques and provide participants with the following:-

  • knowledge of the current law surrounding the handling of discipline and grievance in the workplace
  • understanding of what discipline, capability and grievance means and the key features in each of the procedures
  • understanding how to plan and conduct disciplinary interviews/hearing and make a considered assessment
  • key investigative and questioning techniques
  • appreciating the employee's rights
  • understanding what Employment Tribunals consider to be fair and unfair in dealing with discipline and grievance issues
  • understanding the implications of getting it wrong


The Workshop will be interactive and there will be a full opportunity throughout and at the end of the session to ask any questions or seek advice on any current issues participants may have.

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