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  • To lead, give value and help


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HAPTC Member's Bulletin 03 08 22

HAPTC regular email bulletin to all member councils

Wed, 03 Aug 2022

HAPTC Members' Bulletin 22 07 15

HAPTC regular email bulletin to all member councils

Fri, 15 Jul 2022

HAPTC Members' Bulletin 22 06 24

HAPTC regular email bulletin to all member councils

Fri, 24 Jun 2022

Civility and Respect Newsletter June 2022

Newsletter for all councils, councillors, and staff

Throughout our sector, there are growing concerns about the impact bullying, harassment and intimidation is having on our councils, councillors and staff and the resulting effectiveness of local councils. In response, this Civility and Respect Project has been founded by the Civility and Respect Working Group and is supported by representatives from across our sector including Councils, County Associations, NALC, SLCC and One Voice Wales.

The primary aim of the project is to coordinate a programme of work designed to promote civility and respect in public life, including good governance, positive debate and to support the well-being of councillors, professional officers and staff.

This latest newsletter includes updates on:

  • Project update
  • Response to the Committee for Standards in Public Life Report
  • Civility and Respect Continuum
  • Maintaining a Stable Council
  • Civility & Respect Training Programme

Regular project updates will be available on HAPTC's website, tweets and bulletin.

Wed, 22 Jun 2022