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"A New Future" NALC's Strategic Plan

NALC are determined to secure a new culture of unity and co-operation, with an effective strategy to take NALC and local councils forward. NALC, County Associations and member councils will work together with a common purpose to create a cohesive supportive whole and form a system that is more than the sum of its individual parts.

NALC will regularly report on progress with the strategy and its supporting implementation programme, reviewing annually and updating as necessary for agreement by National Council.

Their vision for the sector is to improve the quality of life for local communities through having vibrant, dynamic and effective local councils.

NALC will be a modern, in-touch organisation that delivers high quality services and works in partnership with County Associations and member councils to support and promote local councils, their staff and their councillors.

They will have healthy and strong County Associations working individually and sometimes together, supporting and being supported by NALC.

There will be local councils wherever communities want them and they will be representative, in-touch with their electors; and effective, working to quality council status.

Thu, 30 Oct 2014

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A Guide to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for Parish, Town and Community Councils

How the Community Infrastructure Levy or CIL, can help your Town, Community or Parish Council to deliver and support local infrastructure provision.

Fri, 12 Apr 2019

A Place to Grow

The preface to the second edition of the good practice guide for the management of allotments, Growing in the community (to be referred to hereafter as the guide), highlights the recent revival of interest in 'growing your own'. The consequent increase in the demand for allotments is reflected in lower vacancy rates and lengthening waiting lists across the UK. Over the two years since the publication of the guide, this trend has intensified. Estimates of waiting lists exceeding 100,000 are widely reported, and few areas have vacant plots. Local authorities have come under increasing pressure to provide new sites, and to accommodate alternative food growing projects where allotments are scarce.

Fri, 19 Mar 2010

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Age UK Hertfordshire

Presentation to the HAPTC AGM 2019

Wed, 10 Jul 2019

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Allotments, A Plotholder's Guide

Allotments provide an excellent opportunity to grow your own fruit and vegetables, meet new people and get plenty of fresh air and exercise. 'Allotments: a plotholder's guide' is for anyone who rents or is thinking of renting an allotment plot. It outlines the basics you need to know in order to enjoy all the opportunities and benefits that allotment gardening offers.

Thu, 09 Apr 2015

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Alternatives to A&E in Hertfordshire

NHS services in Hertfordshire – no appointment needed!Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments are here to treat people who have serious, life-threatening or dangerous conditions. Ambulances should only be called in genuine emergencies. There are other walk-in NHS services which you should use if you need urgent medical help, but it's not life-threatening.
See a pharmacist
Pharmacists can supply expert advice and low-cost medicines to ease your symptoms and help treat your condition. There are a number of pharmacies which open late into the evening and most have consulting rooms where you can ask for advice in private. Go to www.nhs.uk/service-search to find your nearest open pharmacist
You can walk in and see a GP without appointment at practices listed in this document

Fri, 03 Jul 2015

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Always Keep it Simple! How to improve efficiency and productivity of your council

Clerks' Conference 18th July 2014. Presentation by James Corrigan, Council Advisor

Fri, 18 Jul 2014

Amendable Model Standing Orders

Electronic version of amendable Model Standing Orders for Local Councils

Wed, 08 Aug 2018

Amendments to Model Standing Orders 2018

Details of changes to NALC's Model Standing Orders August 2018

Wed, 08 Aug 2018

Appraisal Guide Introduction and Contents

Introduction and contents pages of: Developing your Staff, HAPTC Step by Step Guide to Appraisals.

Thu, 24 Jan 2013

Appraisal Guide Unit 1 - Why Have an Appraisal Scheme?

Unit 1 of the HAPTC Step by Step Guide to Appraisals: Why Have An Appraisal Scheme?

Wed, 05 Oct 2011

Appraisal Guide Unit 2 - Appraisal Scheme Process and Forms

Unit 2 of the HAPTC Step by Step Guide to Appraisals: Appraisal Scheme, Process and Forms.

Wed, 05 Oct 2011

Appraisal Guide Unit 3 - Appraisal Skills

Unit 3 of the HAPTC Step by Step Guide to Appraisals: Appraisal Skills.

Wed, 05 Oct 2011

Appraisal Guide Unit 4 - Appraiser and Appraisee Guidance

Unit 4 of the HAPTC Step by Step Guide to Appraisals: Appraiser and Appraisee Guidance.

Wed, 05 Oct 2011

Appraisal Guide Unit 5 - Setting Smart Objectives

Unit 5 of the HAPTC Step by Step Guide to Appraisals: Setting Smart Objectives.

Wed, 05 Oct 2011

Auto-Enrolment (Pensions)

Essential information for Councillors, Local Councils and Clerks

The law on workplace pensions has changed. Every employer with at least one member of staff now has new duties. Staff that meet certain criteria must be put into a pension scheme and the employer (and employee) must make contributions into the scheme, unless the employee opts out. This is called automatic enrolment.

Tue, 10 Nov 2015

Auto-Enrolment Overview from the Pensions Regulator

•Why is automatic enrolment being introduced?
•What employers need to do
•Staging dates and overall timetable
•Who are your workers?
•Worker categories and the duties and rights for pension scheme enrolment
•Communicating with workers
•Qualifying earnings and the automatic enrolment processes
•Opt-ins and Opt-outs
•Monitoring worker status and re-enrolment
•Keeping records
•Declaration of compliance

Wed, 06 Apr 2016

Avoiding Danger When Working Near Underground Services

This guidance is aimed at all those involved in commissioning, planning, managing and carrying out work on or near underground services. It will also be of use to the owners and operators of such services.

It outlines the potential dangers of working near underground services and gives advice on how to reduce any direct risks to people's health and safety, as well as the indirect risks arising through damage to services.

It explains the three basic elements of a safe system of work during excavation:

  1. Planning the work
  2. Locating and identifying buried services
  3. Safe excavation

Tue, 08 Sep 2015

Borrowing Fact Sheet

This page summarises the arrangements for lawful borrowing by local (parish and town) councils.

Wed, 08 May 2013

BTC Publication Scheme

Buntingford Town Council Information available under the Publication Scheme.

Mon, 17 Nov 2008

Buckingham Palace Garden Party 2019 Nomination Form

Please use this form to nominate your Current Chairman or Mayor to attend on 21st May 2019 and email (only) (do not post) to sue@haptc.org.uk if you don't receive acknowledgement of receipt, please re-send.

This opportunity is available to HAPTC members only.

Before entering, please ensure that, in the event of being drawn, they would be available to attend.

The Lord Chamberlain has asked us to highlight the following:

  • The nominated guests should be accompanied and MUST be if needing assistance (which must be indicated; disabled parking is only available on request)
  • All nominees and accompanying guests must be 18 or over
  • Guests must take a form of identification with them (passport/driving license); all full names and addresses quoted must exactly reflect these, even if they differ from their day-to-day use
  • All nominated guests must be British or European Union citizens, with a valid current passport; although their companions may be of other nationalities. All guests, nominated or accompanying, must be resident in the United Kingdom.
  • Nominated or accompanying guests may not have previously attended a Garden Party.
  • Invitations are in recognition of past service and it is therefore appropriate that outgoing members, rather than those newly selected, should be invited to attend.
  • In the event that guests cannot attend (for whatever reason) they will not be invited again

Finally, it must be stressed that no alterations or substitutions can be made once the list has been submitted to the Lord Chamberlain's office.

Fri, 21 Dec 2018

Bus Consultation Flyer

Hertfordshire County Council Bus Consultation 2015 flyer/poster

Tue, 20 Jan 2015

Business Continuity Assessment

This is a quick 10 minute checklist for you to see how far you have got with business continuity management. The assessment has been split into sections for ease of reference; ideally you should have all of these criteria fulfilled.

Thu, 13 Aug 2009

Business Continuity Plan Outline

Outline for the necessary sections in a business continuity plan.

Thu, 13 Aug 2009

Business Continuity Plan Template

An example of a business continuity plan.

Mon, 08 Dec 2008

Calendar of the Clerk

Brief guide to the work of the Clerk during the year.

Thu, 13 Dec 2018

Car VAT 2009


Mon, 08 Jun 2009

Case study Oak Processionary Moth removal in Hertfordshire

The case study relates to the response to a recent outbreak of Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) which was detected on land belonging to North Mymms Parish Council and outlines the actions required to ensure the successful management of OPM. Since that outbreak there has been at least one other in Hertfordshire as well as a growing national concern about more widescale spread.

Thu, 18 Jul 2019

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Casual Vacancy Guide

Parish Council Guide for dealing with casual vacancies, either by by-election or co-option

Wed, 26 Nov 2014