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  • To lead, give value and help

Who should attend?
Anyone involved with Rights of Way and P3 (Parish Paths Partnership) and those responsible for trees within their parish.

Who is presenting?
Tony Bradford — Head of Countryside Management Service (CMS)

Gemma Worswick – Land Management Projects Officer (CROW)
Part of Hertfordshire County Council, CRoW delivers maintenance of the Rights of Way network, handles modifications and also keeps the register of Commons and Town and Village Greens; it provides land management advice for wildlife and people and turns this into advice into action, enables volunteering to improve the local environment and coordinates the largest Health Walks Scheme in England

Is it for you?


9.30. Countryside & Rights of Way -Review and Pressures for Change.

Update on service review and pressures for change

Key services delivered and how to engage – Maintenance, P3 and community


What you can expect in the future – including RoWIP - P3

10.40 Coffee Break and Networking

11.00 Prevailing Tree Health Issues in Hertfordshire and Impacts for Tree Management.

Value of trees in the urban and rural landscape

Objectives of tree management – Responsibility, survey and where to find guidance

Threats to tree health and woodland ecosystems

Implications for tree and woodland management of the increasing tree health threat

12.00 – 12.30 Question and Answer Session.

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