To lead, give value & help

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  • The HAPTC Chairman is Cllr Rob McCarthy from Aldbury Parish Council
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  • The office staff are Carina Helmn, County Officer and Sue Campbell, Council Development Officer
  • To lead, give value and help

Who should attend?

Councillors, Clerks and other staff wishing to be clear about the roles of everyone within their Council.

Who is your trainer?

HAPTC, winner of the NALC "Outstanding Project of The Year" Award 2015 for the Clerk's Leadership Programme.

This course is written and delivered by Carina Helmn – County Officer and Lead Trainer, HAPTC, Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to Kimpton Parish Council.

Carina has worked within the sector since 1993 and as Clerk to Kimpton Parish Council was awarded AON/NALC Clerk of the Year in 2004 in recognition of her commitment to the community. As County Officer she oversees the provision of legal and procedural advice to member councils and represents the parish and town councils on strategic partnerships. She is the Lead Officer for the County Training Partnership and was awarded the Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) with Distinction.

Is it for you?

This course has been designed to help all Clerks, staff and Councillors to fully understand the purpose of each participant within the council by being interactive and informative.


The session will cover a broad understanding of the role, the significant responsibilities and legislative duties of:

¨ the Council as a Corporate Body

¨ Parish/Town Clerk and Proper Officer

¨ Councillors

¨ Chairman

¨ Responsible Financial Officer

In addition we will look at core council documents and policies required to support the statutory duties of the council.

This course is Session 1 for those students undertaking CiLCA

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