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  • The HAPTC Chairman is Cllr Rob McCarthy from Aldbury Parish Council
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  • The office staff are Carina Helmn, County Officer and Sue Campbell, Council Development Officer
  • To lead, give value and help

What next for localism?

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Hertfordshire County Council Master Map page:
Boundary Maps:
Parish Online:
Introduction/explanatory youtube video
Inspire: includes maps such as Land Registry so you can tell whether a piece of land is registered. map layers such as Woodland Grants to special Habitats

Creating our own maps
Points of local interest:
Mapping responses from post codes:

Hertfordshire County Council

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  • Username and password to the Highways Together Webpage (PDF, 71 Kb)

    Highways Together

  • Avoiding Danger When Working Near Underground Services (PDF, 1.4 Mb)

    This guidance is aimed at all those involved in commissioning, planning, managing and carrying out work on or near underground services. It will also be of use to the owners and operators of such services.

    It outlines the potential dangers of working near underground services and gives advice on how to reduce any direct risks to people's health and safety, as well as the indirect risks arising through damage to services.

    It explains the three basic elements of a safe system of work during excavation:

    1. Planning the work
    2. Locating and identifying buried services
    3. Safe excavation
  • Hertfordshire Higways Together Risk Assessment Presentation (PowerPoint Presentation, 7 Mb)

    Why and How to carry out Risk Assessment for Highways Projects

  • Hertfordshire Highways Together Risk Assessment (MS Word, 84 Kb)

    All Parish or Town Councils must conduct a risk assessment for the tasks undertaken under the project. Significant findings of the risk assessment should be recorded below and communicated to the volunteer workers.

    Some general guidance to aid the risk assessment process by detailing a list of the common hazard and control considerations that are generally associated with the scope of activities included in the project can be found in the Hazard Information Sheet, the list is not exhaustive and should be reviewed against the site and then relevant information entered on to the form below.

  • Hertfordshire Highways Together Hazard Information (MS Word, 60 Kb)

    All Parish and Town Councils are responsible for ensuring a risk assessment is completed for the tasks undertaken under the project. Significant findings from the risk assessment should be recorded and communicated to the volunteer workers.

    This table outlines common hazards associated with the activity undertaken within the Highways together project and outlines some general control measures that are to be considered. The list is not exhaustive and should be reviewed against the site and specific project in order to identify all significant hazards associated with the individual project and to determine the most suitable level of control.

To report a highway fault such as potholes or a faulty street light to Ringway:
Highway fault reporting

For a map of current roadworks and other local highways information:

Find out which roads are scheduled to be gritted.

Hertfordshire Library Services

The Library Service is very keen to promote their services to your residents via your Parish magazines and websites. For leaflets, posters to display or articles for your websites or parish magazines, please email and have a look at:

Neighbourhood Planning

Creative Hertfordshire

Team Herts Volunteering


Local Flooding Information

Local Access Forum

The LAF is a strategic advisory body whose role is to advise the County Council and other bodies on Access issues.

Hertfordshire Police

  • RNLI Water Safety Session:
    There is no charge from the RNLI whose volunteer runs the session. The Council will just need to find a suitable venue (e.g. Village Hall) and promote the event (e.g. to the local school, pre-school and on their website and email distribution list).
    The session is interesting and informative and delivered in a fun way that was easy for children to understand; they have a chance to sit in a dinghy and also dress up as a lifeboat man including the helmet and wellies!
    Contact Paul Gillions,

Ministry for Housing, Communities & Local Government

Locality (Community rights to bid, build & challenges)

Health & Safety Executive

Allotments Disposal Guidance: safeguards & alternatives

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