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  • To lead, give value and help

Who is delivering?

This course is written and delivered by Paul Hoey of Hoey Ainscough Associates.

Hoey Ainscough Associates Ltd was set up in 2012 by its co-directors Paul Hoey and Natalie Ainscough to support local authorities following the abolition of Standards for England. They provide authoritative advice and guidance to individual authorities on standards procedures and individual cases and share good practice on standards issues through a subscription website. They specialise in training for members and officers on standards and have helped representatives from over 250 authorities since the business was set up. They also work with national representative bodies on standards-related policy issues, including the Committee on Standards in Public Life, and organise and speak at national conferences.

Is it for you?

This course covers the requirements on councillors and the council under the Localism Act 2011. It also explores how those requirements have been translated into the Code of Conduct adopted by the council. The course will cover typical and model Code of Conducts but attendees should bring a copy of their Code to assist with the exploration of the application of the law through their Code.

The programme includes:

  • What is a disclosable pecuniary interest? What are other interests?
  • What is a dispensation, when is it appropriate to request one and how are they decided?
  • What are the implications of non-compliance?
  • What is disrespectful bullying behaviour and how to deal with it
  • Use of social media and the Code of Conduct
  • How to avoid problems or resolve conflict

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