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Hertfordshire Association of Parish and Town Councils

Carina Helmn

County Officer: Carina Helmn
Kimpton Memorial Hall, Hall
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The Certification in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) can be taken by anyone, but is primarily aimed at parish and town council clerks.

What are the benefits of the CiLCA?

  • It is a professional qualification for the Parish and Town Council sector
  • Once achieved, it does not have to be re-taken or reviewed
  • It is the most significant, readily accessible and nationally recognised qualification aimed at the local council level officers
  • It is increasingly expected by councils as they recognise that a CiLCA qualified clerk is more likely to have the knowledge and competency required to give them the support the council deserves
  • It develops knowledge, administrative skills, precision of thinking and presentation skills which help a clerk to perform confidently and competently across a range of council tasks, including the important areas of planning and finance
  • It is a significant level 3 qualification (described as like an A level) which helps current council employers and creates employment opportunities
  • A CilCA qualified clerk contributes to the council's eligibility for the General Power of Competence
  • Having a CiLCA qualified clerk helps a council to achieve the Quality or Quality Gold levels of the Local Council Award Scheme.

To assist in the completion of your portfolio, the initial one-day course is classroom based. Our tutors, Jill Jones and Carina Helmn, will always be on hand to help and support is available through the HAPTC office as normal. There will also be a portfolio review day later in the year once candidates have had time for self-working on the modules required.

The fee is £95 each day including lunch.

The SLCC charges £350 for registration.

Pre-booking essential
CiLCA 2019:
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